Sophia Blog Theme: Facelift your Authority!

They say You Should Never Trust a Beautiful Women. Wrong. How does it feel to be both highly attractive and highly intelligent? Pretty much Powerful and Authoritative. Trustfully. Thats the attributes you need your blog to provoke. Blogosphere is like a cosmos with million of blogs. Try to count your favorite, go-to blog destinations? Few of them right? You can even remember the colors and styling of some of them without looking at the screen.

Trust don’t not exist outside of our vision of the other. This image can be real or imaginary, but it is this one which permits the creation of the Trust.

Thats what Sophia is all about. With the alot of techical features, we put alot of effort in design phase. Great typography, few sliders to choose from, Monetisation options and Email Marketing, just to name a few.

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